Presenting my debut music video for song “Long Walk”. From the Cult Classic Records release “Moment In Time”.

Starring - P.R, LHA (Leehahn & Adikkal), Kelli Suzuki
Shot and Directed - Taishi Arai and Czar Campos
Chopped and Colored - Steve Erana

"Thank you to the city of Tokyo for providing the beautiful scenery for this video. The journey was inspiring and unforgettable. Until we meet again…"


P.R - Long Walk ft. Awon (Remix)

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"We are all destined to reach our next destination someday. Life on earth is a gift, it is a virtue to do good works, live, and love because we never know when our day is near. Be mindful of the power of our Creator, and be humbled by the experience of life."

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Your music inspired me to create mine! R.I.P Nujabes, & thank you!

My story “Nujabes Changed My Life – the music, the journey, the encounter” coming soon!

New track I did with Shirosky coming soon!! You will hear some Nujabes & Uyama Hiroto influence in this one! Stay tuned! @pdotr /pdotr

Album Art


P.R - We Will Make It feat. Cise Starr & Blu

This joint has a beautiful Nujabes-esque production. One of my favorite songs of 2013.

Thank you Real HipHopHead! and Happy Birthday Nujabes!!

TitleWe Will Make It ft. Cise Star & Blu
AlbumMoment In Time
Album Art


this journey never subtle, wrestling demons and struggle
i’m one love without conditions, this dragon is double
take me higher than humble, but there’s no gas in this shuttle
so i’m still on this earth, watching the universe 
spin around like clockwork, put it in the verse
just finding my mind, just writing these lines
just to keep it together, hello i ride in the rhyme
just reminding myself, yes everything is in time
rebirth is always after the hurt, we come alive
alive, strive diligent until we die
push roots into the earth, branches to the sky
seeds fallin’ to the ground, and generations rise
hoping that we raisin’ the right in these polluted skies
arise to occasion, with purpose never brazen
many got some abbrasions but damn it we gonna make it

TitleWe Will Make It ft. Cise Star & Blu

Enjoy the chill. Have a stress-free day.

Track from my EP “Moment In Time”.

Uploaded by “Saints Of Serenity”.