Today, I celebrated my birthday! I’m grateful to still be alive sharing my music with you all! Here’s an overdue collaboration I did with the man Thomas Prime! This track is featured on the latest Cult Classic Records compilation called “Friends & Family 3”!


Australian artists with great production and featuring one of my favorite MCs, Oddisee.

I had the pleasure of doing an official remix for this song by LHA called “You’ll See Someday" off their latest album "Clarity”. It has a strong meaningful message, & with everything happening in the world right now, positive music is needed. Spread the love.

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Wherever you are, whatever you’re doing, I hope you’re stress free.


Presenting my debut music video for song “Long Walk”. From the Cult Classic Records release “Moment In Time”.

Starring - P.R, LHA (Leehahn & Adikkal), Kelli Suzuki
Shot and Directed - Taishi Arai and Czar Campos
Chopped and Colored - Steve Erana

"Thank you to the city of Tokyo for providing the beautiful scenery for this video. The journey was inspiring and unforgettable. Until we meet again…"


P.R - Long Walk ft. Awon (Remix)

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"We are all destined to reach our next destination someday. Life on earth is a gift, it is a virtue to do good works, live, and love because we never know when our day is near. Be mindful of the power of our Creator, and be humbled by the experience of life."

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Your music inspired me to create mine! R.I.P Nujabes, & thank you!

My story “Nujabes Changed My Life – the music, the journey, the encounter” coming soon!